Friday, January 8, 2010

Tell Your Friends...

A month or so ago, a girl who was my friend and I were swapping 'Artistic Assignments' back and forth, giving each other a word or a picture and then drawing or writing about the assigned piece... This is what I got out of mine.

Also, this marked the first time Lily appeared in my drawings. She's the big eyed girly gripping her hat...

Enjoy ~



  1. Love these sketches, Jake. The series/progression is so fantastic, almost like a flip book or a comic strip. ;-) Plus, I love seeing the scale of your sketchbook here--so small! Pocket sized...

  2. Those are beautiful -- I especially love the second to last one! Thanks for sharing these with us. I look for new ones every week.

  3. Oh I love Lily! Just beautiful! Good job!