Thursday, December 2, 2010

Catch up already

Whoah, hey guys.

Been a month already? Jeez. Time flies, and all that.

Story of The Afterward

Once there was a girl. She was bright and sharp, and mischievous, And she was always worried about The Afterward. She always thought, 'Yes, things are fine now, but what about The Afterward? What if it's waiting around the corner, to ambush me, with it's great unknowns, to pull at my sleeves with it's what-ifs, to poke at my nose with how vast and unsure it is?'

So, one day, when she was feeling particularly brave, she decided to invite The Afterward to tea, to see what it was really like. 'By golly, I've lived enough being scared of this unknown monster! I shall come face to face with it, and that shall be that' she thought, and she dropped an invitation behind the corner she was sure The Afterward was lurking behind.

The next day, when the girl and her friend sat down for tea, a third member came to join them. She was rather small, and fluffy, and wound up in a red scarf that dwarfed her tiny frame. The girl was puzzled. The newcomer bowed, blushed, and introduced herself as 'The Afterward, if it pleases you'

The Afterward didn't say all that much after that. She humbly sat and listened, and would nod on occasion, and when it was time to go their separate ways, the little one bowed again, and wished the girl and her friend good night.

Now the girl is delighted to walk around every corner. She marvels at the unknown. She revels in being unsure of what the future holds, as, after all, if it's just the cuddly little Afterward waiting for you, what is there to be scared of?


Thrown together in a rush, but I love it so.

So, have you ever had that feeling,

Where your drifting up on a million floes of hot air?

Where your body is light,
And you feel your fingertips,

And the emotions
churning above your head are so palpable

you swear

if someone took your picture
right then

the film would develop
and show



in your swirling mass of feeling.

And effervescent rush.



That thought

Was just there.

As was that feeling.

You know that you had them moments ago.

You pull at them,

As insufficient as

Trying to pull those birds

Who crept away at midnight

From the sky.


Sneaky thoughts. always slipping away. You know how it is.

Those moments where you sit alone,
And feel the world turn

And feel it all around you


I love those moments when you're alone and feel all full up with everything. : )

So yeah. Maybe I'll update every week. Or maybe I'll promise to and then forget. Either way, keep sweet, okay? <3