Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh no! (Illu Friday)

'Dude, WHAT just happened? I was just standing here, and... Then my teacup is on the floor. In pieces.'

Maybe he just tipped the plate too far. : o Silly Apron Pigeon. (Also, bonus points if you guess why he's called that.) This word's week is 'Clumsy'.



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, so and so... (Illu Friday)

Rar rar rar! It's 'Wilderness' this week. I finally ended up with this piece after attempting a bunch of others... I've been very much into 'Wild' things lately, so I wanted to draw a Wolf-Suit like Max's...

Enjoy ~


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey, Look, The Sun. (Illu Friday)

(Not fantastic quality, may update later)
The thought of fireflies, sunshine, and just a general lack of two feet of snow is pretty appealing right now. Given that we have two feet of snow. This is also known as my 'I miss Summer' post. It's been ridiculously nice out tho', so I'm not complaining. <3 Really, none of that before was complaining. This is my take on 'Confined', which I had trouble with at first, but the Rose came and helped me out...

Speaking of summer, I just noticed that I've unintentionally been naming all my characters after plants (Rose, Thistle, Lily, Posie).


Wonder what to make of that.

Maybe I just really like flowers.


- Bird

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tell Your Friends...

A month or so ago, a girl who was my friend and I were swapping 'Artistic Assignments' back and forth, giving each other a word or a picture and then drawing or writing about the assigned piece... This is what I got out of mine.

Also, this marked the first time Lily appeared in my drawings. She's the big eyed girly gripping her hat...

Enjoy ~